movie theater

We curate personalized movie experiences.

Veez captures the subtle yet the vital cinematic elements that together keep your audience glued to their seats. The thoughtful sound engineering combined with powerful visual effects, remarkably comfortable seating and planned layout is what sets us a class apart.

We specialize in helping our clients with budgeting, interiors, movie projector consoles, the layout of electrical connections, ventilation and air conditioning, and ultra-luxe seating arrangements. We have worked on a single screen and cineplexes.

Home theater

We bring you the latest sound tech to ‘feel the beat’

Veez Control Solutions brings the most amazing cinematic motion experience to your homes, only better.

We use a three-pronged approach offering design, engineering, and project management to our clients. At Veez Control Solutions, architects and interior designers, and audio and video electronics engineers work together under one roof.

We offer:
– An easy to use home theater systems
– Individually customized components for your home theater system
– A fully automated home theater to suit your home.


“The success of any performance rests largely on the relationship of the audience to the performance. We humans love to experience story-telling: whether an intimate theatre piece, a booming cacophony of symphonic music, or a great battle of sport’s teams on the field, we are hard-wired for engaging with performance. When designing any venue, the intended types of performance provide clues about the shape and size of the room, the desired feeling of intimacy and collective engagement, and the overall distribution of seats within the room as related to the performers on stage.”

We help you design just the right type of space as per your requirement.

Recording Studio

Veez Control Solutions offers a professional recording studio setup. 
In today’s scenario, everyone wants to record their music and put it up online. But there is a vast difference between professionally recorded music and home-recorded ones. The soundproofing and room acoustics need to be perfect for a recording studio and we can help you achieve just that.

Home Automation


  • listening to your favorite music throughout the house just when you need it without leaving the comfort of your couch
  • your phone showing you the safe arrival of your children from school while you are sitting in your office,
  • watering your plants while on vacation,
  • Being able to monitor and turn on/off the lights in your entire house from the comfort of your bed.

At Veez we bring automation to your daily life keeping in mind the safety and security of your home

Room Acoustics

We offer end-to-end Sound proofing solutions for walls, ceilings, windows of homes, offices, temples, churches, mosques, and commercial spaces.

Soundproofing solutions allow us to block noise (traffic, surrounding) that enters your rooms preventing you from experiencing crystal clear sound while also disturbing your sleep or your important business meetings.

Sound absorption, on the other hand, prevents noise from echoing within a space and stops it from going outside the room. We use products like acoustic wall panels, stretched fabric systems, acoustic ceiling systems, and water-resistant panels. 

Audio Consultancy

Veez Control Solutions offers professional audio consultancy to businesses, temples, churches, mosques, clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, recording studios, schools, colleges, institutes, wedding venues, halls, and other public spaces.

We are the one-stop Audio Visual Technology company whether you are looking at a home, commercial or outdoor area. We have worked with local and national clients. We help you address the root cause. We offer reliable, permanent, and affordable solutions.

Conference Room

Luck is a matter of preparing a meeting opportunity. In a  commercial setting, meetings and conferences are all about generating opportunities. Today reliable technology and enhanced productivity go hand in hand.

Have you been let down by the outdated technology of your conference rooms and meeting rooms?

Say hello to smart technology at your office.